Website Development

Website development is just as important as user interface design. It is the logic behind the design. It encompasses both front-end user interactivity and back-end connections to the database. I consider myself primarily a front-end developer but I do have knowledge and experience with back-end technologies such as PHP and MySQL. This enables me to set up and troubleshoot issues with Content Management Systems.

As a Front-End Developer, I make your website accessible to all users by coding cross-browser compatibility. Accessibility is not just about designing for the visually impaired. It is about supporting all users even those using older browser technology. Graceful degradation is about applying the latest technologies on modern browsers and delivering an acceptable experience for those using older browsers.

Depending on the acceptable level agreed upon, supporting older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 and under may require developing additional markup and style files. Here are examples of fallback areas we would discuss: border radius, border image, box shadow, RGBA, transform, animations and transitions, font face, advanced selectors, columns, gradients, multiple backgrounds.

As a Front-End Web Developer at Transcontinental Media, I worked on many projects, including web campaigns for Proctor & Gamble, Ford, General Motors and the Dairy Farmers of Canada. These projects were incorporated into online versions of such publications as Canadian Living, Elle Canada and Style at Home.

When faced with tight deadllines, I worked with other developers to deliver projects on time. I am accustomed to working with project managers, designers, back-end developers, web editors and salespeople.

Above are samples of my work while employed at Transcontinental Media.

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As a freelance web designer, I've designed and developed for desktop and now mobile platforms across various industries.

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