Web Design

When you load a website on your iPhone are you presented with too much information and some of which is irrelevant? As a designer, I focus on building a website with mobile devices in mind. This implies displaying only relevant content for each type of device. The goal is to provide the viewer with a simplified user interface when using a handheld. I pay attention to details such as delivering sharp pictures and links that are easy to click.

Based on the complexity of a website and your needs, I can either design a website using responsive web design or deliver a mobile specific website. Responsive design is a practice of resizing and reorganizing elements on a screen to fit the user's device. This is accomplished by creating flexible images, fluid layouts and using media queries. The key point is adapting to the viewer's needs and device capabilities. Alternatively to re-thinking an entire website, I can deliver a different website with limited content specifically for mobile users.

I combine my marketing and design knowledge to create a website that meets your business needs. I help you find your unique voice and provide you with a user-friendly interface. I design an appropriate website for your target market.

I apply best practices in project management and web development and I am small enough to provide flexible and attentive customer service.

Related Info

Over the last year, I've worked as a front-end web developer for Transcontinental Media.

I developed, debugged and deployed User Generated Contest applications(UGC). Executed front-end development of web applications (contests, polls), microsites and sales projects which were incorporated into online versions of magazine publications.

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